How to Fix Google Play Services error (4 methods)

How to fix Google Play Services error is one of the most frequently asked questions related to this digital distribution service. However, Google Play Services are a part of the Android operating system and it also enables many applications, such as third-party applications and games. These applications share information with Google. Services provided by Google play include getting directions from Google Maps, searching for information on Google, signing in to Gmail, and more.

Google Play Services hardly come with a problem, but Android users regarding Google Play service have reported some common issues. One of those problems is the error bug that can cause Google Play Services to keep stopping. Users keep viewing this annoying message on their phone screen over and over again.

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Google Play Services keep stopping

The reason Google Play Services keep stopping

Almost all Play Store errors are caused by bad software or network problems.

However, there is one exception. It might happen that Google Play Services keep stopping because of this: Play Store is programmed for certain devices and it is possible that sometimes Google accidentally provides the wrong version of Google Play for your device.

How to Fix Google Play Services Error – different methods

The major cause of Google play service error is not clear; however, most of the error occurs when you make changes to the Android operating system’s settings. Depending on what goes wrong, we found the methods that may help you fix the problem. Listed below are different methods to fix Google Play service error:

Clear the Google Play Services cache

One of the different methods for fixing Google play service error is to clear the Google Play Services cache. To achieve this, the following steps have been highlighted to help clear this error.

Click on the settings menu of your Android smartphone.

Tap Apps, or Application Manager

Among the “tabs” at the top of the page select “All Apps”.

Once you click on “All App” find “Google Play Services” and click it.

Once you click the Google Play Services app menu, click “Clear Cache”.

Restart your Android phone.

Unfortunately, clearing the cache is not enough to resolve this problem. If the problems persist on your smartphone, follow the next method.

How to fix Google play services error
How to fix Google play services error

Reset app settings

If you still get the “Google Play Services” error on your Android smartphone, reset the app settings. Follow the simple steps below to achieve this solution.

Access Application Manager, as explained in the first method above.

Find “Reset app settings”. It should be at the top right, bottom, or anywhere on the page, depending on the phone you’re using.

Click on the “Reset app settings” option and restart your Android phone.

At the end of this step, if the Google service error still pops up, try the next solution below.

Re-add your Google account

If the error message keeps popping on your Google Play Services, another method on how to fix Google play services error has been proven to work. You will need to remove and re-add your Google account.

How to remove Google play service.

Click on settings.

After you select the settings option, click Accounts or Account Management.

A list of the accounts you’ve created on your device, such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and others, would pop up, click on Google.

Once you click on Google, drop-down options pop up, click Remove Account. Once you do this, your Google account will automatically be removed.

Now, you can re-add your Google account to your Android device again. Follow these steps to re-add the Google account.

Click Settings, followed by Accounts.

Once you click on Account, choose Google Account.

After you click the Google account, enter your Gmail address. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to re-add your Gmail account to your device.

At the end of these steps, the Google Play Services error should be rectified. However, if your phone is still showing the Google Play Services error, then by all means follow the next solution.

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Reinstall Google Play Services

If the same error still pops up, you will need to uninstall updates and then reinstall any updates to ensure you are back on the latest version of Google Play Services.

Click Settings, then click Security followed by Device Administrators.

There you have an option to deactivate the device administrator, Click Deactivate Device Administrator.

Go back to the settings option and click on App Manager.

Click the All Applications tab and search for Google Play Services. You can now “Uninstall all updates”.

The Google Play Services app will ask you to confirm the uninstallation. Confirm with OK.

The application will automatically detect the lack of play services and ask you to reinstall the Google Play service.

After the latest version has been reinstalled, click on enable Android Device Manager under Settings, then click Security followed by Device Administrators.

For all changes to take effect and no more error pop up, restart your phone.


I hope we helped you find the solution on How to fix Google Play Services error. If you followed the instructionnabove, you should be able to fix the Google Play Services error on your Android smartphone. However, if that doesn’t work, consider visiting a professional.

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