How to make money on Instagram Reels | 16 ways how to do it in 2020

Instagram Reels is a Instagram’s latest project and a competition to a widely popular TikTok. Instagram Reels is alowing you to create short videos (up to 15 seconds) set to music. And we are going to explain you how to make money on Instagram Reels content.

Does this concept sounds familiar?

Make money on Instagram Reels

Yes, it is the same concept as TikTik. If you know TikTok, you will easily learn how to use Instagram Reeels.

Instagram Reels

A lot of people are asking how to make money on Instagram Reels and how to more easily monetize their Instagram account.

I will explain how you can make money on Instagram Reels. It’s not reserved only for Instagram Reels monetization, but you can be creative and with a little twist you can use it on all of your succesful social media accounts.

Instagram Reels is like Tiktok. If you know how to use Tiktok you can easily use Instagram Reels.

How to make a video you can monetize later?

  1. Give extra values in your videos.
  2. Make a high quality video to get engagement.
  3. Be creative, you only have 15 seconds
  4. Attract viewers by best words of influencing.
  5. Follow trends
  6. Analyse competition and try to make it better
  7. Last but not least: Present them with a call to action (like: link in bio, direct messages and more)

How to make a Call to action in your videos?

  1. Make a call to action in video by writing(editing part)
  2. Promote anything by link in bio or DM chat
  3. Give value to everything you do to monetize

How to make money on Instagram

There are hundreds of methods to earn money from Instagram. These are my TOP 6…

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Shoutouts.
  3. Promoting other business products or your own products.
  4. Dropshipping products.
  5. Becoming an influencer and sponsoring posts.
  6. Creating a web site and drive your big traffic there and earn on affiliate methods, Google AdSense or any other ad network…

It’s not that easy to monetize your Instagram account, if it is easy, everybody would be millionaires on IG. But, you can do it! You need to be creative, you need to make a plan, scenario, ideas. You need to read a lot of guides and experiences by the people who actually made it. Take their recipes and advices, put some twist in it – and get rich!

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