9 Bad Cell Phone Battery Symptoms (in 2021)

Almost every single mobile phone user on the globe was once in this situation. Yes, we know you’re here because you’re in doubt about it, you’re wondering what are the bad cell phone battery symptoms. Your phone is acting strange or even worse: It won’t work properly or it doesn’t work at all.

What are bad cell phone battery symptoms

We are always wondering about battery life and when checking for the new cell phones, one of the most important specification detail is – how good is the battery. In the last few years, we are overwhelmed with numerous features and options on our cell phones. And that every single thing is draining your battery and eventually leave you without power even in the same day after charging.

How many times you were left with under 20% of your battery and you felt pressure as soon as the low battery sign shows on your cell phone? If you use your phone a lot, mixing Viber, WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, web browsers, other apps, games… But, we are used to it and know how to prepare for it or act in a timely manner.

Cell phone battery problem
Cell phone battery problem

But, what about when your battery start dying and suddenly strange things start to happen? For example – your phone just turns off or battery goes down to 5% in just a few hours. Obviously, it looks like something is wrong.

Mobile phone batteries are designed to have a certain number of charge cycles. Fortunately, it’s a long process. Sometimes this process can be speeded up if you don’t follow the basic charging rules or if you damage your phone.

If you suspect there is a battery problem, see if one of these bad cell phone battery symptoms occurs.

Bad cell phone battery
Bad cell phone battery

Possible phone battery symptoms

  1. Rapid decline in battery life
    If your phone is losing battery percentage quickly and it is dropping in terms of minutes, that probably means something is wrong with your battery.
  2. The phone working only when plugged in
    If your phone is only working when it is plugged in, that could mean your battery is almost dead. You should replace the battery as soon as possible.
  3. The phone restarts on its own
    This could happen because of number of reasons, but one could be battery problem. If it happen once or twice, it’s probably not the battery, but if it is more often, then you should look for the battery replacement.
  4. The phone is overheating
    When your phone is in use for a long time, the cell phone battery will be hot. But, if it is a constant heat, even after a short phone usage, that could be one of a bad cell phone battery symptoms.
  5. Battery charge last shorter than before
    In time you got really close to your phone and you know everything about it. You learn how much the battery will last or how long is it charging. And you noticed that you need to charge it more often than before. That means your battery is going to its end and you should start thinking about replacing it.
  6. Battery percentage numbers are not reliable
    Sometimes when the battery is not working properly, you can notice the unreliable battery percentage numbers. For example – battery percentage is at 30% for a long time and your phone suddenly shuts off with empty battery.
  7. The phone is not working even when plugged in
    This could happen because of many reasons and it’s probably not too likely to be due to the battery, but it’s still one of the symptoms. If your phone is not showing charging sign when plugged in, it could mean your battery is already dead.
  8. The phone often shuts off unexpectedly
    The phone instability and possible unexpected shutts off could be because of the bad battery. But, you should exclude some other phone issues first.
  9. Battery is bulging
    There is a simple test that will allow you to remove the battery. Just put it down on the flat surface and tap the side. If the phone is spinning like a top, there is a bulge in the battery. In that case you should stop using the phone immediately and replace the battery, as it can be really dangerous, not only for the phone, but also for your health.