Here’s What’s New in watchOS 10.1: A Full Feature Rundown

WatchOS 10.1 emerges as a pivotal update that propels the Apple Watch into a new realm of functionality and interactivity. This release is brimming with enhancements that refine the core experience, introduce novel health and fitness tracking capabilities, and expand the device’s utility with innovative features. It’s an update that promises to redefine how users engage with the world from their wrists, offering a richer, more connected experience.

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the myriad advancements that watchOS 10.1 brings to the table. From the sweeping redesign of apps that maximizes screen real estate to the introduction of Smart Stack for at-a-glance information, this version of watchOS is designed to streamline and enrich the daily interactions users have with their Apple Watch. Join us as we unpack the details and nuances of what’s new and how it can enhance the smartwatch experience.

Redesigned Apps for Enhanced Information Access

With watchOS 10.1, Apple has overhauled nearly every app to make full use of the watch display, allowing users to see more information and perform actions more quickly. The redesign extends across the system, providing a more intuitive and seamless experience.

Smart Stack and Control Center Enhancements

The introduction of Smart Stack allows users to access critical information from various apps directly from the watch face by turning the Digital Crown. Additionally, the Control Center can now be activated from within any app with a simple press of the side button, streamlining the user experience.

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WatchOS 10.1 Watch Faces and Cycling Features

New watch faces, such as the playful Snoopy face and the visually stunning Palette face, add personalization and aesthetic appeal. For cyclists, watchOS 10.1 includes advanced metrics and views when connected to Bluetooth accessories, offering data like cadence, speed, and power. The Power Zones Workout View is particularly noteworthy as it helps cyclists track their performance across different intensity zones.

Hiking and Outdoor Exploration

For hiking enthusiasts, the Compass app now offers a 3D view of the terrain, elevation alerts, and cellular connectivity waypoints to keep users informed and connected even in remote areas. The U.S. trails feature provides detailed information about nearby trails, including topographic maps and points of interest.

Mental and Vision Health Insights

watchOS 10.1 places a strong emphasis on health with new features for mental and vision health. The Health app now includes tools for users to reflect on their emotional state, log their mood, and gain insights into how their mental health correlates with other lifestyle factors. For vision health, the watch can measure time spent in daylight, which is a factor in reducing the risk of nearsightedness, especially in children.

Privacy and Data Security

Apple continues to prioritize user privacy with encryption for mental health data when the watch is locked and ensuring that this sensitive information is never shared without explicit permission.

Apple Fitness+ Integration

The update enhances Apple Fitness+ with Custom Plans that tailor workout schedules to user preferences. Users can also stack multiple workouts and meditations for a more efficient fitness routine.

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Developer and Enterprise Features

watchOS 10.1 introduces new APIs for workouts, allowing developers to create apps for sports like golf and tennis. Enterprise features have also been expanded, with mobile device management (MDM), VPN configuration, and internal app deployment capabilities to improve workplace productivity and safety.

Offline Maps and Social Features

Users can now download maps on their iPhone and use them offline on their Apple Watch. The NameDrop feature simplifies sharing contact information, and enhancements to FaceTime and Group FaceTime audio calls make communication more accessible.

Medication Reminders and Compatibility

The update includes follow-up medication reminders to help users stay on track with their health routines. watchOS 10.1 is compatible with a range of Apple Watch models, starting from Series 4 to the latest models, ensuring a broad user base can enjoy the new features.

Health App Expansion and Developer Opportunities

The Health app has been expanded to provide more comprehensive insights, and developers have new opportunities to create apps for watchOS, leveraging the latest features and capabilities.


watchOS 10.1 is a robust update that enhances the Apple Watch experience across the board. From redesigned apps and new health features to improved fitness tracking and enterprise capabilities, this update solidifies the Apple Watch’s position as a leader in the smartwatch market. With a focus on personalization, health, and connectivity, watchOS 10.1 offers something for every Apple Watch user, whether they’re looking to stay connected, get fit, or simply enjoy the latest in wearable technology.