How to fix water damaged Macbook Air or Pro?

Water can quickly harm electronics when you take a lot of time before taking action. When you act almost immediately, you may be able to save your MacBook Air. So, how to fix water damaged Macbook Air?

Anything you do, do not open the MacBook, do not plug it back in and also do not boot it up. You should not plug in your MacBook when they have water because they are electronic to avoid being electrocuted. When a lot of water is spilled on your MacBook, your keyboard will extremely be messed up since the damage will go to the battery, connectors and circuit board that will cost you a greater part.

On the other hand, you can stay out of danger if less water is spilled on the keyboard and the water went to the keys only. Keyboard located on the MacBook has an airtight mechanism that ordinarily encases debris and water. The only advantage is that there are important steps you can follow to solve the issue before it worsens for you to lose your device.

Steps on how to fix water damaged Macbook Air or Pro

You can do the following to fix water damaged MacBook Pro or Air;

1.   Turn off the water damaged MacBook instantly.

This is the number one key thing you must do in a situation of spilling your MacBook pro with water. Press the power button continuously for a few seconds to switch off the power and release the button. Please do not touch the button anymore to avoid turning it on.

You don’t need to think about your unsaved work because the sooner you cut off the power, the safer your MacBook will become and your important information in it. The MacBook keyboard would have already stopped working if you cannot turn off by long-pressing the power button.

This should not worry you since there are other several methods you can use to turn off your MacBook. You can use tissues to absorb the water you can observe on the surface of your MacBook keyboard, touchpad and the screen and close the lid immediately. This will lead to the safe activation of hardware-level sleep sensor, and when the logic board detects it, it will cut off the power to the CPU, screen, SSD drive and other supporting circuits. The MacBook, later on, changes into shallow sleep mode where the memory chips are still getting power.

This will result in the laptop to wake up and begin to function normally. Close the lid for some time while the MacBook will turn into deep sleep mode.

Unplug the charger if is still connected to the water damaged MacBook. This is less critical compared to the first step. You will not cut off the power to the CPU and the rest of the important components by unplugging the charger alone. The battery found inside is still powering the MacBook laptop faster if you did not switch off the laptop by the long pressing power button. When you remove the charger, the charging circuit will be turned off. The circuits higher voltage is threatening even though water damage to the charging circuit can be repaired.

How to fix water damaged Macbook Air
How to fix water damaged Macbook Air

2. Prevent water from dripping into the vent holes and unplug any peripherals.

You attempt blocking water from dropping into the vent holes found between the keyboard and the screen by not moving the MacBook. The vent holes are made to move heat from the logic board to the open air. Protecting the logic board is an essential step to reduce MacBook damage caused. The keyboard of a MacBook has an airtight mechanism having two layers of plastic sheets. Backlight layer offers additional protection to the keyboard by sealing it from underneath.

3. Remove the battery from the water damaged MacBook.

You can open the back cover case of your MacBook using a screwdriver. You can also a plastic stick to remove battery connector from the logic board. There will be a short in a circuit if you use a metal screwdriver or even destroy the system management controller. System management controller for an Apple can not be purchased anywhere, and you will have to be patient for a donor SMC from a dead Mac of the same model and same year.

4. Drain the MacBook while waiting for professional MacBook water damage repair.

Draining of water damage MacBook can be done using two different methods, placing the MacBook in the tent position. This method is more effective in the older MacBook models since the screens are watertight. They have a front aluminium frame or the front glass protector to stop water from going inside the screen. If you are dealing with MacBook’s having Retina, do not use the tent method to drain water from the MacBook. The new Retina screens can not resist water, and if you place this kind of a screen tent position, you may contribute to distributing water from the bottom edge to the optical film within the screen

DID YOU KNOW: Different companies around the world now offering waterproof nano coating which are made using nanotechnology. Most of the newer coatings are for electronics and other tools that were previously very difficult to coat, since the coating itself could have damaged the electronics.

5. A word on the hairdryer and the legend of using rise.

Many people have been using uncooked rice and hairdryer as a solution to water damaged MacBook. Many times when a MacBook is taken to the phone repairer, they usually encounter rice inside the mac. Using rice and hairdryer is not that effective in many cases. The major damage of MacBook depends on the idea of turning on the laptop with no proper treatment after the drying process. Checking whether water made its way to the logic board is through the use of a microscope. If there will be no good inspection treatment, switching on water damaged MacBook dried up will be a big struggle. Water spilled on your MacBook, and water damage can cause damage to your MacBook.


Dealing with cases of spilled water on a MacBook is very common in today’s world. You can normalize using the above steps if you find yourself in such a situation and it will save you a great deal. If you are not lucky enough to find above steps helpful, you are advised to take your device to a professional service provider who has dealt with the same situations many times before. We hope we helped you to find an answer on your question “How to fix water damaged MacBook Air or Pro?” and that you managed to do a critical steps to save your laptop.

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