5 Best Ways to Dry a Wet phone and gadgets

When you drop your phone or any other gadget in the water, that makes you feel terrible, and you start panicking at the moment you see that you have accidentally damaged your beloved gadget with the liquid. What is the best way to dry a wet phone and other gadgets?

In most situations, at first, you can’t believe what happened, and after a second or two, you realize you have to do something fast.

The most important thing when you drop your phone or any other device or gadget into the water, or spill liquid on it, is: 

  1. Act quickly, don’t waste time and don’t just stay shocked
  2. Every second count, grab your device immediately
  3. First thing you have to do is turn it off
  4. If you are lucky enough, you will do it before the water reach the electronics
  5. Many devices can stay protected from some water for a brief period of time, that’s why you need to be fast

Next steps to recover your device

After the initial shock and your fast reaction, you start doing everything you can, like checking out the battery, start cleaning the gadget with a clean cloth so that it might get it back to life. 

You can also take out the SIM card and blow it out so that it gets dry and hope it might work with the phone later. At this moment, you are filled with all the panics of losing all contacts, phone as well as photos and videos.

There are many ways in which your gadget is damaged by the water. Let us start with it one by one. One of the most general ways of gadget damaged by water is dropping it inside the toilet. This is considered the most common as well as a disgusting way of losing the phone in the water. But, you won’t believe how many people are sitting on the toilet with the phone in their hands, and after they need to clean up, sometimes they accidentally drop their phone into the toilet. Disgusting!

The second reason for your gadget being damaged by the water is that you might get caught in the flash rainstorm. It happens sometimes.

Dry wet phone and gadgets
Dry a wet phone and gadgets

Damage could come from steam and moisture/humidity in any hot shower room. You tend to keep your mobile phone always with you, and then you are the type of individual who loves to take steam baths while fondling on your mobile device. It’s not very healthy for your phone.

Sometimes people are just clumsy, and they spill some water, juice, coffee or wine on the table and on the phone. Fortunately, they mostly react quickly enough to prevent some major damage.

How to dry a wet phone or gadget methods

There are several ways of dealing with these soaked and damaged gadgets: 

If you want to dry a wet phone, first, there are Bheestie bags available in the industry that draws moisture and absorbs beads inside it. 

The second method is to submerge the wet gadget in the open rice container. The surrounding should be moisture free because it helps absorbing excess moisture and thus reducing the damage. 

The third method is to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the moisture from the phone before it does any kind of damage to your gadget.

The last method of drying your device is “just let it sit” option. It depends how crammed the parts are, but if the damage is not big, you can just leave it on the air (turned off), wait some time and hope that the device will work again.

One thing you shouldn’t try after your phone or other device get wet is to use a hairdryer. Maybe it seems like a good idea, but DON’T DO IT, as there’s a good chance you will just make things worse. 

Elys Buco

Elys is a professional editor and journalist from central European country. He's got Master's degree in journalism and his passion is on everyday tech, computers and gaming lifestyle. Besides his native language, he speaks English, French and Italian.