Everything the New PS5 Edition Brings to the Table: Is It Time To Upgrade?

Sony’s PlayStation 5, when it initially launched, was an enormous leap from its predecessor, both in terms of performance and design. While it was critically acclaimed for its impressive specs, the design received mixed reactions, mostly due to its bulky, or as many dubbed it, the ‘fat’ design. As with previous PlayStation iterations, Sony has introduced a newer edition of the PS5. This refreshed version has garnered attention, with people discussing its differences from the original, its price points, and the general public opinion.

New PS5: Design and Build

One of the most evident differences between the initial PS5 and the new edition is the design. The original PS5 was bulkier, with a height of 390mm, width of 104mm, and depth of 260mm. Its futuristic, curvy, and two-toned design was striking, but its size became a point of contention, especially for those with limited entertainment center space.

The new PS5 edition addresses this concern. It has a more streamlined design, shedding some of its bulk, making it more in line with the size of the PS4 Pro. While it retains the iconic V-shape design for better cooling, it is less pronounced. The more compact design also means that it weighs less, which is a boon for those who frequently move their consoles.

New Playstation 5
New Playstation 5

Hardware and Performance

Under the hood, the new PS5 edition largely retains the specs of the original. It is powered by the same custom RDNA 2 and Zen 2 architecture from AMD. The super-fast SSD which drastically reduced loading times in games also remains unchanged. However, there have been some refinements to the cooling system, making the console quieter, addressing one of the minor grievances some users had with the original.

Enhanced SSD Storage in the Updated PS5 Model

Sony’s latest iteration of the PlayStation 5 boasts an expanded storage solution addressing one of the primary feedback points from gamers. This new model features a solid-state drive (SSD) with a total capacity of one terabyte. However, when you factor in the system software and essential files, users can expect around 773 GB of usable space. This enhancement provides substantially more room for modern games, which increasingly demand more storage.

For gamers who find themselves needing even more space, Sony has taken additional steps to ensure expandability. According to details confirmed by Sony to renowned gaming outlet IGN, the updated PS5 has been designed to accommodate an extra SSD. The installation procedure has been made more user-friendly. Instead of having to dismantle a significant portion of the console, now only a specific section of the side panel needs removal, simplifying the process.

Moreover, reflecting Sony’s commitment to future-proofing their hardware, the console, with its latest firmware, is geared up to support SSD expansions up to a whopping 8 TB right out of the box. This forward-thinking approach ensures that players can store a vast library of games without constantly juggling storage space.

Price Point

When the original PS5 launched, it came with a price tag of $499.99 for the standard edition and $399.99 for the Digital Edition. The newer edition, despite its refinements, is priced similarly. The consistent pricing is a strategic move by Sony, ensuring they remain competitive against rivals while offering an improved experience. Given the global semiconductor shortages and inflation concerns, maintaining the same price point is a commendable effort from Sony.

New Playstation 5
New Playstation 5

Public Opinion

The reaction to the new PS5 edition is predominantly positive. Gamers and critics alike have lauded Sony for listening to feedback and making tangible improvements. The reduced size is a hit, with many appreciating the more compact footprint, which makes it easier to fit into various entertainment setups.

The enhanced cooling mechanism, resulting in quieter operations, is another feature receiving praise. Previous concerns over the noise levels, especially during resource-intensive tasks, are mitigated with this iteration.

However, some criticisms persist. While many appreciate the new design, a segment of the audience still yearns for a more muted, less flashy design, similar to the PS4.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

For many PS5 owners, the unveiling of a new edition naturally sparks the question: Is it worth the leap? The new PS5 edition is bringing upgrades in storage capacity and design and doesn’t necessarily represent a seismic shift in gaming experience from its predecessor. Gamers who find themselves frequently maxing out their storage or those who have space concerns with the original design might find the new model especially enticing.

However, upgrading is an investment. It’s essential to weigh the tangible benefits against the cost of the new model, especially if you’re already in possession of the original PS5. Before making the switch, one should consider how often they felt constrained by the original model’s limitations and whether those challenges justify the investment in the new edition. It’s all about individual preferences, gaming habits, and how much value one places on the enhancements offered.


The new PS5 edition is a testament to Sony’s commitment to refining its products based on user feedback and technological advancements. While the core gaming experience remains largely unchanged, the iterative improvements make for a more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing console.

The consistent price point, despite the improvements, is sure to keep Sony in a competitive position in the gaming market. With the new edition, Sony has ensured that the PlayStation 5 continues to be a compelling choice for gamers around the world.