How to make smooth stone in Minecraft in 4 easy steps

Last year we received a new interesting addition in our most favorite game. Minecraft smooth stone. As it’s name is already saying – it is a stone block that looks nicer and smoother than other stone blocks. The real question is “How to make smooth stone in Minecraft”?

Minecraft tutorials
Minecraft tutorials

Perheps you want to give your buildings a new – polished look. Or you just want to import a bit nicer and more modern touch to your creations, the Minecraft smooth stone is perfect for you.

The good news is: It’s really not difficult to craft smooth stone and you’ll learn how to do it in just a few minutes.

Learn how to make Minecraft smooth stone

Basically, you have to find some cobblestones, the most common type of stone in Minecraft, then collect some coal you will need to get your furnace running and, at the end, you will build a furnace to mix a few things up to get a smooth stone. That was really quick explanation, wasn’t it?

Now, let’s get to real business. Here’s a Minecraft smooth stone recipe:

Get a bunch of cobblestone

1. It’s really easy to find cobblestone as it’s basically everywhere in Minecraft. It’s the most common stone you will find in the game. Just go around and take some more with you, as you will need it to make furnace and to make smooth stone.

Cobblestone in Minecraft
Cobblestone in Minecraft

Build the furnace

2. If you want to build the furnace you will need to craft eight (8) cobblestones in the crafting menu. You need to put each of cobblestone in every block except the centre position to craft furnace

Furnace in Minecraft
Furnace in Minecraft

Get some coal

3. Probably you can do this while you still collecting cobblestone, so you can look for some coal before you make Furnace. You can find plenty of it around stone areas, you can’t miss it. When you see block with black marks, just go for it.

BONUS TIP: You can use several things as a fuel for your furnace. It can be any wood, but coal have more efficiency in burning, you can also use blaze rods and lava bucket as a fuel. Lava buckets will smelt 100 blocks at a time.

Turn cobblestone into stone using the furnace

4. You will use your coal to get the furnace running and you will put it into the bottom slot of the furnace. The remaining cobblestone you will use to make regular stone. Just put it in the top slot and use it to get a stone. Follow the arrow in the middle and watch how you receive your stone.

Turn stone in to smooth stone using the furnace

5. Repeat the previous step, but this time just use stone instead of cobblestone. It means you have to run the furnace with coal and use the stone in the top slot. You will receive the smooth stone.

Stone into smooth stone
Stone into smooth stone

BONUS TIP: If you are interested about other Minecraft tutorials, you can also check how to use stonecutter.