How to refresh Outlook and update email inbox automatically

Many Microsoft Outlook users have encountered difficulties in finding the refresh option in the email client. The simple question they ask is: “How to refresh Outlook?”

In 2020 that question should never been asked. It should be instant, automatic or at least very obvious. Many people are using webmail accounts, like Gmail, Yahoo mail or and these services update email folder automatically. In the worst case you have to refresh the page (F5) or click on the inbox once again. It’s not the case with Outlook and that’s why people are asking how to refresh Outlook email. In 2020.

Long time between the updates

The first problem is the Outlook client and the possible delay in refreshing rate. Some people experience a time frame of 20-25 minutes between two updates and that should never happen with refreshing Outlook emails. Fortunately, there is an easy way you can change that and make your client refresh rate close to the webmail services.

How to set Outlook refresh rate on PC

How to refresh Outlook
How to refresh Outlook

✅ In the Outlook client click Send/Recieve button

✅ Find Send/Recieve Group and select Define Send/Recieve Groups

✅ Inside the Send/Recieve Groups window you have to select All Accounts

Below, under the Setting for group “All Accounts” you need to click on both Schedule an automatic send/recieve options and set the value to lower number.

The ideal would be between 5 to 10, avoid potential issues with duplicating.

You need to schedule an automatic send/receive in both setting options, including the one when Outlook is offline.

The whole process of changing the refresh rate of your Outlook email client is really simple and it shouldn’t take you more than a minute. If you still shave problems with refreshing your Outlook mail, you should contact the Microsoft support and see if the issue is somewhere else.

BONUS TIP: If you want to set auto-updating to your Outlook calendar, when you’re still inside the Send/Recieve Group window, click on Edit. Be sure your email account is marked and under the Folder Options check if your Calendar folder is marked.

How to set Outlook refresh rate on Mac

There are no many people asking how to refresh Outlook on Mac, but just in case, we have it here. You shouldn’t have much problems to change the Outlook refresh rate. Here are 3 easy steps:

In the left Outlook side bar you have to select your account.
Right-click (Control key + mouse button) on your account and click on Account Settings
Select Advance and then Server tab. Under “Sync all IMAP folders every _ minutes” change the value

It is recommended to select the value from 3 to 5 minutes. Your Mac Outlook refresh rate is now perfectly synced.

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