Minecraft Holy Bible: Guide to Every Achievement

Minecraft had achievements added in its 1.5 update, and while most of the achievements are easy to unlock, a few of the later ones can be tricky. This guide is like a Minecraft Holy Bible and will outline how to unlock every achievement in the guide, with helpful tips and a step by step walkthrough for each one.

Taking Inventory

This is the very first Minecraft achievement that you can get and simply requires you to open your inventory. Press the “i” button and you’ll unlock this achievement. Once you’ve earned this achievement, you can unlock ‘Getting Wood’.

Getting Wood

This is relatively straightforward. Walk up to a tree, and punch it with your hand until you collect a block of wood. Trees can be found pretty much everywhere, and there should be a bunch around your starting area. Once you’ve earned this achievement, you can unlock ‘Benchmarking’.

Minecraft Holy Bible
Minecraft Holy Bible


This is also pretty easy to unlock. Open your inventory, and place the Minecraft wooden block into your crafting box. It will turn into four wooden planks. Take these planks and fill every square in your crafting box with one wooden plank. This will make a workbench and earn you the achievement, which allows you to unlock ‘Time to Strike!’, ‘Time to Farm!’, and ‘Time to Mine!’, the three paths of Minecraft achievements.

The Time to Farm Path

  • The first achievement, titled ‘Time to Farm!’, requires you to make a wooden hoe. This can be done by collecting another wooden block and turning it into wooden planks in your inventory. Take two of the wooden planks, and place one over the other in your crafting box to create wooden sticks. Then, on your crafting table, place a stick in the centre box and the bottom middle box. Then, place your two remaining wooden planks in the top middle and the top left box to craft a hoe. This will earn you the achievement, and allow you to unlock ‘Bake Bread’ and ‘The Lie’.
  • The second achievement, ‘Bake Bread’, requires you to make a loaf of bread. In order to do this, first you must find some tall grass, which is fairly common, spawning on grass-covered dirt blocks. Use your hands or the hoe that you just crafted to break the grass until you have three seeds. Then, use the hoe on three dirt blocks (it doesn’t matter if they are grass-covered or not) to turn them into farmland. Hold the seeds and right click on each block. You then have to wait anywhere from 1-3 in game days until the seeds grow into wheat, which you can then harvest by left-clicking. Place the wheat in a full vertical row on the crafting table to make bread and earn the Minecraft achievement.
  • The third and final achievement in this tier or this Minecraft Holy Bible guide, ‘The Lie’ is one of the hardest to earn. You must craft 3 buckets out of iron bars, which are made by using a furnace (made out of 8 stone blocks arranged on a crafting table with the centre empty) to smelt iron ore. Arrange these bars so that the middle right and left slots on the crafting table are filled, as well as the bottom middle. Then use each bucket on a cow to fill them with milk. Harvest three wheat using the procedure listed in the above achievement, and then follow a chicken until it lays an egg. Then, you need to find two sugar canes, which can be found on dirt blocks that are adjacent to water. Harvest them with your hands and then craft them into sugar by placing the stack into any single crafting slot. Then, arrange the ingredients on the crafting table so milk buckets fill the entire top row, the centre slot is the egg, with the sugar in the middle left and right slots, and the wheat making up the entire bottom row. This will craft a cake, and earn you the Minecraft achievement.

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Minecraft tutorial
Minecraft tutorial

Time to Strike Path

  • Let’s continue with the Minecraft Holy Bible Achievement Guide. The first achievement in this tier is ‘Time to Strike’ and is earned by creating a wooden sword. To do this, collect another wooden block from a tree, and turn it into wooden planks. Create wooden sticks, and then one of the sticks on the bottom middle slot with two wooden planks directly above it in a horizontal column to earn the achievement, and unlock ‘Cow Tipper’ and ‘Monster Hunter.’
  • ‘Cow Tipper’ requires you to harvest some leather from a cow. Find a cow, which shouldn’t be hard as they usually spawn out in the open fairly regularly. Equip your sword, and attack the cow; it should take three hits with a wooden sword to kill it. If the cow drops leather, you’ll earn the achievement and unlock ‘When Pigs Fly’. If it doesn’t drop any leather, keep killing cows until you get leather.
  • ‘When Pigs Fly’ is earned by first finding a saddle. These can be found in dungeons, which can be found underground in caves. Once you find a dungeon, illuminate it with torches so that the monster spawner will stop spawning monsters to attack you. Then, look in the chests to see if you found a saddle. You may have to raid more than one dungeon to find the saddle. Once you’ve found the saddle, put it on a pig that is near a cliff by right-clicking with the saddle. Then, throw a snowball (found by breaking snow with a shovel) on it from point-blank range and ride the pig by right-clicking on it so that the pig will fly off the cliff while you ride it. Make sure that the cliff doesn’t end in water, or you won’t earn this Minecraft achievement.
  • ‘Monster Hunter’ Minecraft achievement requires you to kill any aggressive monster (which means pigs, cows, and chickens won’t count). This is easily done by staying outdoors during the night and repeatedly hitting a zombie with your sword until it dies. Stay away from creepers, which will explode and deal a lot of damage to you. Setting the difficulty to easy is a helpful way to get this achievement if you’re having trouble killing enemies.
Minecraft Holy Bible
Minecraft Holy Bible of achievement guides

Time to Mine Tier

  • How do you like this Minecraft Holy Bible type of comprehensive guide? Let’s continue, the first achievement requires you to make a wooden pickaxe. In order to do this, collect two wooden blocks, and turn them into wooden planks. Create wooden sticks by placing a plank above another plank to make four sticks. Then, place two wooden sticks in the centre and bottom middle crafting table slots and wooden planks in the top vertical row. You’ll earn the achievement, and unlock ‘Getting an Upgrade’ and ‘Hot Topic’.
  • ‘Getting an Upgrade’ requires you to craft a pickaxe that isn’t made of wood. The easiest way to earn this achievement is to use your wooden pickaxe to mine three stone blocks, and then replace the wooden planks in the above method with the stone blocks to create a stone pickaxe and earn the achievement.
  • ‘Hot Topic’ is earned by creating a furnace, which was needed to earn the cake achievement (‘The Lie’, when creating the buckets). Simply create a furnace by arranging stone blocks on your crafting table so that every slot is filled but the centre slot, and you’ll earn this achievement and unlock ‘Delicious Fish’ and ‘Acquire Hardware’.
  • For ‘Delicious Fish’, you must create a fishing rod. To do this, you must kill spiders, either during the day or night, to collect two strings. Then, arrange wooden sticks in a diagonal line on the crafting table, with the bottom left slot, the centre slot, and the top right slot filled with the sticks. Place the two strings in the middle right and bottom right slots to craft a fishing rod. Then, catch a fish by casting the fishing rod in the water until a splash is made. Then, right click to reel in the catch. With good timing, you can catch a fish, which is then cooked in your furnace to earn the achievement.
  • Acquire Hardware’ is another achievement that would have been earned in ‘The Lie’, as it requires you to find iron ore and smelt it into an iron bar with your furnace. Simply mine downwards, or look in caves to find iron ore, which is an orange/beige colour and requires a stone or better pickaxe to mine (wooden pickaxes won’t work). Smelt the ore in your furnace to earn this achievement, and unlock ‘On a Rail’.
  • This is by far the hardest achievement to earn in Minecraft, but with a little effort and a lot of iron, it can be done. In order to earn ‘On a Rail’, you must travel 1000 blocks (the equivalent of 1km in real life) in a rail cart. Sixteen rails are built using six iron bars, with three in horizontal columns on both the left and right sides, and a single wooden stick in the centre slot. You need 378 iron bars and 63 sticks to create the necessary amount of rails. Lay all the rails in a straight line, so that it covers 1000 blocks. Then, build two mine carts by filling the bottom vertical row of the crafting table, as well as the middle left and right slots with iron bars twice. Two mine carts require ten iron bars. Then, build another furnace (see ‘Hot Topic’) and place it in the centre slot of the crafting table. Then, take one of the mine carts and place it in the bottom middle slot to craft a powered minecart. Place the powered minecart behind the regular minecart on the tracks, and power the powered minecart using fuel (any form of wood, or coal, which works best) to push you along the rails. If you don’t earn the achievement once you’ve completed the journey, add a few more rails and try again.
Minecraft tutorial
Minecraft tutorial


That is the complete, comprehensive guide, something like Minecraft Holy Bible on unlocking every single achievement in Minecraft, going even further in detail than the Minecraft Wiki and based on personal experience with the game. With patience and the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be able to unlock every achievement in the game within a few hours of gameplay. You will also be well on your way to discovering Diamonds and making your way to the Nether.

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