How to make a Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game without clear rules set and in which the player can build anything he wants. You came here to find out how to make a spiral staircase in Minecraft, but this phenomenal game deserved a decent introduction.

In Minecraft you can start in your own world where you can find yourself in a variety of environments: there are swamps, mountains, deserts, forests, plains, rainforests, snowy landscapes, lakes… From the Overworld, your starting dimension, you can jump in to the Nether, a hellish landscape of doom and dimension filled with lava, fire and many hostile creatures. In that terrifying dimension there is a dragon that will try to kill you. Not only the dragon but also many other “bad guys”.

Your progress through the game will be rewarded. You can play alone or with others. You can play in a safe “Creative mode” and enjoy exploring and building, or in the “Survival mode”, where you will constantly fight monsters that will attack you as soon as it gets dark. It’s up to you what kind of adventure you decide on.

In creative mode players have an unlimited number of all kinds of blocks and build whatever they want and how they want. There are no monsters in this mode and the players are immortal. This is a game mode for creativity, as the name suggests. The second is a form of survival that is like a single player game, but with one difference – you are not alone.

Minecraft is constantly evolving

This, of course, reveals a whole new face of Minecraft, in what environment you will find yourself, depending on the type of server you connect to. On some servers the payers are interacting just for the sake of trading, collaborating, and showing off their own talent. This is the most widespread form of multiplayer game in Minecraft and often these servers turn into giant cities and continents of massive and extensive buildings.

Players are divided into teams, even clans on some servers and build fortresses and cities. They fight each other as well. On some servers it is night all the time and all players spend time surviving, fighting or running away from monsters. Minecraft is not easy to describe, and everything it offers is hard to summarize. This is a game that is constantly evolving and getting new content. People who see images from Minecraft for the first time, they only see the bad graphics. People without imagination automatically discard it, however players who give it a chance, and especially younger players and older creative players, once they play Minecraft, they fall in love with it.

After this unusually long prologue, I will help you resolve your issue. You wanted to know how to make a spiral staircase in Minecraft? There are several ways of doing it. There is a simple way, there are some more creative ways and there is an option to build spiral staircase with a little help with some external tool.

Is it difficult to learn how to make a spiral staircase in Minecraft?

Just like in the real life, creating spiral staircase in Minecraft is intention to make something really spectacular. And it requires a lot of planning if you want to make it right. Of course, don’t hope that you will make a masterpiece in your first attempt. You have to practice and be creative. Then the result will be spectacular.

We saw many cases where a novice made even better spiral staircases than an experience Minecrafter. The most basic designs are actually a combination of full size and half slabs. You have to combine it with larger platforms in order to make the turns on your way up.

There is a reason why many people want to learn how to make a spiral staircase in Minecraft and why is so popular. You are aware that these are the worlds where straight lines dominate. And in these worlds spiral staircases are offering some attractive curves that you won’t see much in the game.

Basic Spiral Staircase in Minecraft
Basic Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Basic Spiral Staircase

You should put support pillar first and go up with it as long as you like. You can use different materials to make your support pillar, you will probably want to take something nice and shiny.

Start placing slab at the floor and continue with block next to it. Then continue with this pattern of slabs and blocks until you reach the top of your stairs. You won’t need to hop on this stairs, just walk up.

When you are building these stairs, be careful about positions. Slab have to be just half block above the block and every combination need to be the same size.

You can also start with stairs that the staircase goes up by one on each side and you can leave the corners empty at the beginning.

Then you use upside down stairs against the stairs you already used. It will level up at the corners. You can combine the different types of stairs, it’s up to you.

BONUS TIP: You can use a smooth stone slab in your plan to build the spiral staircase. If you don’t know how to make a smooth stone, we prepared a guide for you.

Advanced Spiral Staircase

Try to build the inner radius of your new staircase very steep. Then build outwards, but you have to make sure each step is the same size. The steps will be larger as you are approaching the outer radius. Make sure they all point towards the centre of your spiral.

Have you ever used a Circle generator? This is the one thing that might help. Create a series of concentric circles radiating out from the center and using that as a guide to place the stair blocks or slabs.

DID YOU KNOW: The creator of this generator said: “Playing Minecraft, I like making circular things. I used a chart while I was building, but wanted to be able to make variable size ovals which is something I couldn’t find a decent chart of or generator capable of, so I created this!”

Also, beside considering the diameter, knowing the vertical distance between the floors is also very important. If you use slabs, the number of steps between the landings will be 2n-1, which need to be divided up evenly. In that case if floor 1 is at Y=70 and floor 2 is at Y=78, you’ll have 15 steps that you need to divide up evenly along the curve sweep. If you have connecting landings at both floors, it could affect the size of the stairs between.

Advance Spiral Staircase in Minecraft
Advanced Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Well, one thing is true – you can make spiral staircase in Minecraft on many different ways, but you have to follow some building rules and to be creative. If you are just starting, go with basic staircases and then try to make something more spectacular. Check the Circle generator, plan wisely and be patient. At the end of the day, you will have the Spiral staircases that leads far in the sky…