Heart of Sea in Minecraft: How to Find and Use It

Minecraft is one of the most played games globally, and players can’t seem to put the game down. It’s suited for any type of player with a thirst for adventure with its diverse play style. Recently in patch 1.4, the game developers introduced this new mystery item called Heart of Sea in Minecraft. Many players were interested in finding out what this new mystery item does, but they found out that obtaining this item will not be an easy task. 

The Heart of Sea is a conduit, and when you use it underwater, it will give you the ability to see underwater and breathe underwater as well. 

Here are some tips on how to find and use the Heart of Sea.

Get Ready for The Adventure

To find the Heart of Sea in Minecraft you must decide if you want to start this adventure in Survival mode or Creative mode. 

Each has its benefit, but the easiest will be to play in Creative mode. This is due to the game, allowing you to breathe underwater, and you have unlimited lives in Creative mode.

If you want to experience the fullness of this adventure to find the Heart of Sea, then you should play in Survival.

To find the Heart of Sea in Minecraft while playing Survival, you will need to prepare for all the obstacles you will face. 

You will need: 

  • It’s recommended having an enchanted set of Armor 
  •  You will need Respiration 3
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Depth Strider 3

If you don’t have these items by any chance, then an alternative is crafting water breathing potions. 

You may also want to consider obtaining night vision if you plan to find the Heart of Sea in Survival.

Heart of Sea
Heart of Sea

To the Sea, We Go

Now that we have all we need to find the Heart of Sea, we need to find a Biomes. To find an ocean Biome, it can be difficult depending on where you spawn on the map. 

However, if you follow the rivers in Minecraft you will be led to an ocean Biome.

You can also try going to a high place so you can have a vantage point and try to locate the ocean Biome. 

Finding a Shipwreck

When you locate the ocean Biome you will need to start exploring the sea to find shipwrecks. 

Again, depending on which mode you are playing Minecraft either in Survival or Creative you may need to strategize on how you will find the shipwreck.

If you’re playing in Survival you will need to use your items to see and breathe underwater, so you won’t receive any damage. 

If you are playing in Creative, you can simply jump in and find the shipwreck.

Once we find the shipwreck, our next step will be to search the ship for a treasure chest.

It’s very important to find and take the items that are within the treasure chest because it will most likely contain a treasure map. 

The treasure map will give you a location that you need to go, to be one step closer to finding the Heart of Sea in Minecraft.

Heart of Sea in Minecraft
Heart of Sea in Minecraft

X Marks the Spot

Once we’ve found the treasure map, our next step is to get out of the water and go on a treasure hunt. 

When you open the map in your inventory, it will give you the general layout of where you need to go, and it will have a white dot icon that symbolizes where you are. 

So, if you are confused about where you’re going simply open the map and see where you are with the white dot’s help.

Once you find the spot where the treasure chest is, you will need to start digging. 

If you’re playing in Survival, you should use a shovel with an efficiency of 5 because it will quickly clear out the sand. However, if you’re playing in Creative then you can use anything to dig.

Finding the treasure chest can be very exciting, especially for what it contains. 

When you open the chest, you will find the Heart of Sea alongside other treasures such as gold and fish. 

Many people are confused when they have the Heat of Sea because it appears to do nothing. 

What people don’t know is the Heart of Sea can only be used in a crafting recipe. 

How to Use Heart of Sea in Minecraft

To use the Heart of Sea, you will need to acquire the Nautilus shell. 

This item is also difficult to find, but you can find them in treasure chests or trading with the wondering trader. 

One other popular way to obtain the Nautilus shell is if you go fishing while being AFK.

You will need about 8 Nautilus shells to use the Heart of Sea.

Crafting the Heart of Sea

To use the Heart of Sea in Minecraft, you must go to your crafting section and place the Heart of Sea in the middle and surround it with the Nautilus shell.

From there, you will be able to craft a conduit. 

How to Use the Conduit

The Heart of Sea conduit can be a very beneficial item in your inventory. 

By using this conduit correctly, you will be able to breathe underwater as well as see everything underwater.

To use the conduit, you will need to go underwater and make sure you have Prismarine blocks. 

Once you have sufficient Prismarine blocks, you will need to build a Conduit Frame to place the conduit in the middle. 

Conduit Frame
Conduit Frame

Building a Conduit Frame

To build the conduit frame, you will need 42 Prismarine blocks to unlock its full power. 

  • You can start by placing one Prismarine block, and on top, you can place the conduit. 
  • You will need to destroy the Prismarine block you placed, and once you do so, the conduit will look as if it’s floating. 
  • From there you will place the Prismarine blocks in the form of an “X” underneath the conduit. 
  • At the end of each side, you will place three additional blocks but going up then three blocks going across. 
  • You will do this for each side until it resembles a cage, and only until then you will activate the power of the Heart of Sea. 


Many players asked for help in their attempts to find this new mysterious item. I hope this article helped you to find out what is Heart of Sea in Minecraft, how to get it and how to properly use it. It’s not the easiest task around, but if you follow all the steps above, you will do it in a heartbeat.

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