How to Make Paper in Minecraft in 3 Easy Steps

Paper is among Minecraft’s most valuable resources, although creating it can be pretty hard. It isn’t entirely useful on its own but is used in numerous essential recipes. This is more reason you should know how to make it. Finding it, farming it, and crafting paper in Minecraft isn’t done in the same manner it’s done in the actual world.  Nevertheless, this quick guide will help you a lot, as we will explain how to make paper in Minecraft and its various uses. 

Paper can be made as soon as you have a crafting table since the core components are readily available at the beginning of almost every game. Although the most suggested way to get paper is to craft it, at times, that option might not be available. It may be that the resources required are not readily available in the world, making procuring the ingredients fast and early enough in the game extremely difficult. 

If that happens, you can always find the paper in many shipwrecks. Some of the wrecks are close enough to the surface, so you can reach them easily, even if you don’t have any special water-breathing potions. Paper can also be sold in a village.

How to make paper in Minecraft?

How to make paper in Minecraft
How to make paper in Minecraft

The materials needed in making paper are; 

  • Crafting Table 
  • Sugarcane 

Step 1: Get Sugarcane 

Although paper can be obtained randomly from a few places and can also be traded for, the cheapest and most cost-effective solution is to go out and get the ingredients to produce it. You will need sugar cane, a green type of plant that resembles a bamboo growing out of the ground. 

Sugarcane usually grows close to a water body and needs to have at least one adjacent block of water close by. Rivers, beaches, and ponds are perfect sites to search for this plant, which can be broken down by only punching it. A fully grown plant can produce three pieces of sugar cane.  

BONUS TIP:  Some players have taken the time to build Redstone machines for automated sugarcane harvesting. If you don’t have something more relevant to do and want to exercise your engineering skills, you should certainly do that. However, from a realistic point of view, it is just excessive. It is definitely super fun to watch, but it’s not typically worth the time it takes to put together. 

Step 2: Start a Sugarcane Farm 

It is better to harvest the sugarcane you find and then start making the sugar cane farm from there to make it easily available for you to get when you need it again. The block grows extremely fast and can grow up to 4 blocks tall, so collecting enough for any project wouldn’t be too difficult. Please remember that sugar cane needs a block of water right next to it to grow. This can grow on soil and sand, but it can’t be cultivated on a block that isn’t in contact with water. 

You can dig a trench of eight blocks and stack the sugar canes on both sides. You can use this pattern many times. Place a bucket of water at one end of the trench. This will allow the water to flow to the other end. Flowing water also serves as a block of water, so the sugar cane will still grow successfully. 

If you’ve obtained good sugar cane, you can place it down your crafting table and start making the paper.  

Crafting paper in Minecraft
Crafting paper in Minecraft

Step 3: Craft Paper 

Immediately a steady and reliable source of sugar cane has been created. You can now start crafting paper. To do this, you’ll need three adjacent squares inside the crafting grid, thus don’t think that using the crafting grid in the player inventory will reduce it. Paper has to be created at a crafting table. 

Place three pieces of sugar cane in a row on the grid. The row they’re placed on isn’t important since it doesn’t make any difference, as long as they’re horizontally next to each other. This will produce three pieces of paper, one for every piece of sugarcane. This will make the paper you need. 

Paper is produced in multiples of three; this means you’ll get three pieces of paper to use for the first craft, which is enough for one book. 

Once you have made the paper, you can move it to your inventory.  

Now that you’ve got paper, there’s a lot to do with it. You can make a variety of paper products. Paper in Minecraft can create a map, a book, a banner, a map table, and so much more. 

How to make a book and other items 

Enchanting books are very useful. To make a book, you need to combine one piece of paper with three pieces of leather.  

To make a cartography table used in editing and copying maps, just place four pieces of wooden planks with two pieces of paper on top in the crafting table grid. 

To make a map, position eight pieces of paper around a compass on a table’s grid. The map is activated when it is held in the player’s hand. Once this is done, it will start filling out hence displaying the current location of the player. You can also build a big world or area map by placing maps in item frames. 

To sum up, learning how to make paper in Minecraft is quite easy. All you need to do is put three sugar canes in the middle row of the grid. This is going to give you a paper! Scrumptious paper, the feel of it. You can make a lot of paper items, like books, maps and banner patterns. Hence, even though the paper doesn’t seem to be very interesting on its own, it’s necessary if you intend to upgrade your gear to the max, so ensure you use it when you can.