Hunter x Hunter Season 7 RELEASE DATE News

Hunter x Hunter is an impressive story about the young boy named Gon Freecss, who discovered that his father, who left him while he was very young, is a world’s top Hunter. Gon decided to go on a journey to become a Hunter and find his father. But, you already knew that that was just for the newbies. The right question is – what do we know about Hunter x Hunter season 7?

You have to be aware that the Hunter x Hunter last season 6, Election arc, had original airdates from July 2014 until September 2014. All seasons had an English airdates years after the original airdate, with season 1 first episode aired in April 2016, and season 6 last episode was aired in June 2019.

There is a total of 148 episodes we can stream to this date. The bad news is that there were many doubts about the new season, as already six years past since the last aired episode in Japan. The good news is that many rumors are now confirming that there will be Hunter x Hunter new season 7 – and that should be the last season of one of the most successful anime series in history.

Hunter x Hunter season 7 release date

The global popularity of the anime series has forced all the people involved in the project to dedicate themselves to create a new season and speeding up the whole process. The COVID-19 situation made the things more complicated, together with Yoshihiro Togashi’s health issues. But, from what we heard, they were all working on the new season secretly, working with the uncovered parts of the manga series. There was a hope that the Hunter x Hunter new season could arrive until the end of 2020, but according to the rumors this won’t happen until last quarter of 2021. Most probably somtimes before the Christmas.

Hunter x Hunter season 7

Hunter x Hunter season 7 storyline

Nobody knows the storyline of season 7, but there are certain hints given in the last few episodes of the season 6 that could direct us to the possible plot in the new season. Gon and his friends will have to go through new adventures, face much stronger creatures than before and try to learn what it takes to become a true hunter. The manga series has a total of 380 chapters and the anime series covers only 339. You have a chance to find the last 40 chapters of the manga series and find out what happens next. It will certainly be covered in the Hunter x Hunter season 7.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s back issues or burnout?

The manga series is also expected to return soon, but the main problem is the mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi’s health. He has been suffering from serious health issues, and everyone has been waiting for him to recover. Nobody knows exactly what was wrong with Togashi, some people say he suffered from a really big burnout, and as Japanese society has hard work ethics, he broke under the big pressure. He loves his work, but he was also stubborn enough not to share the part of the work, as Hunter x Hunter is his baby. He wanted to cover all the creating aspects by himself.

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The official version is that he had serious back problems and had to take a long break to recover from this issue. One editor from Shueisha confirmed that Togashi-sensei’s current condition was not much better last year. “He is still suffering from lumbago and it had not improved” he said. Lumbago is a medical condition that targets the lower back.


Hunter x Hunter anime is based on a hugely popular manga series, written by Yoshihiro Togashi in 1998. The first adaptation to anime was in 1999, but it was concluded after a short run. It was rebooted in 2011 by Nippon television and has achieved tremendous success. For the popularity in the United States the credit goes to Adult Swim, who picked it up an ran from 2016 to 2019. Allnews about Hunter x Hunter season 7 are exciting, and it any good news will make millions if the series fans happy. We’re looking forward to the next year and the new Gon’s adventures.