What Does Super Alexa Mode Do and How To Activate It

Alexa is renowned for doing everything from doing in-depth analysis to recording a special song for you; however, this personal assistant still has a personality. There are hundreds of cool things that Alexa can do with the right questions or words. One of the things we found interesting was the Super Alexa mode. What does Super Alexa mode do?

what does super alexa mode do
What does Super Alexa mode do

What is Super Alexa Mode

Super Alexa mode is a configured cheat code or to place it in a more generic phrase; It’s an Easter egg that puts Alexa in a secret mode. Your Echo system will tell you “Super Alexa Mode Activated” and display it on your computer as well.

You should know that “Super Alexa Mode” isn’t here to serve any reason. It’s just a dumb joke hidden inside Alexa for the amusement of developers and users in the know that this mode is focused on Konami code, a popular cheat code developed by computer programmer and publisher Konami.

This code is present in several games like the teenage mutant ninja turtle series of games and contra.

Understanding the Alexa Super Code

Super Alexa Code is the order you send to unlock Super Alexa Mode. Amazon programmers borrowed this technology from the Konami code that was initially intended to be experienced by gamers.

The Konami code was applied to several Playstation games, making games more accessible to play. There were other common variations of cheat codes introduced to Playstation games in the past. Still, the Konami code was among the most popular cheat codes of the era.

The Konami cheat codes were made famous for their use in the Contra Game. Only by stopping the game and accessing the “Konami code,” the players could activate some power-ups in the game. Over time, it has become somewhat of an Easter egg for players, a trick to share with those in the know.

One of the things we found interesting  was the Super Alexa mode. What does Super Alexa mode do
How to activate the Super Alexa mode

What does Super Alexa Mode Do

The Alexa Super Mode has only one purpose: to make gamers laugh with answers to their most hilarious questions. Hence, it does not alter or upgrade any state of your Amazon Alexa voice assistant devices. Moreover, the Alexa Super Mode is just a trick to make gamers think they have discovered something extraordinary. But sadly, the Alexa Super Mode does not endow with any new ability.

How can you activate the Super Alexa Mode?

To get the Alexa Super Mode up and running, all you need to do is say, “Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start.”

Once Alexa hears this order, she will respond with Super Alexa mode activated. Then you have to say: “Alexa, Super Alexa mode”. And she will respond:

“Super Alexa mode, activated. Start the reactors online. Enable specialized systems online.”

“Increase the Dongers. Error. Dongers are absent. Aborting.”

And there’s silence. Super Alexa Mode will not completely activate until it discovers its remaining dongers, another inside joke for gamers. Remember that if you do not need an Amazon-specific device to use Super Alexa Mode, this mode can be triggered by any Echo device, such as Echo Display or Echo Dot.

It does work on the Alexa app that’s available in both Google and Apple app stores.

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Super Alexa Mode FAQs

Is the Alexa Super Mode Harmful?

Emphatical NO! Super Alexa Mose is just an excellent functionality that doesn’t damage or have any practical reason. After around 10 seconds, it will naturally run its course, and nothing more will happen. It auto shuts. You wouldn’t need to do anything to “switch off” Super Alexa Mode. It will instantly do it by itself after around 10 seconds.

Can the Super Alexa Mode be deactivated?

It doesn’t alter anything at all about your phone, so you don’t need to “deactivate” Super Alexa Mode on your Amazon Alexa Device. And you wouldn’t have to google for “How to turn off Super Alexa Mode?” “It isn’t essential.

Why does the Super Alexa Mode Exist?

It’s all for fun, and the Super Alexa mode doesn’t have any compelling purpose. Others claim that it exists to connect Alexa and its customers to make it user-friendly. Thus the numerous Easter eggs are encoded into the Amazon Echo system.

Are there more Alexa Eater Eggs?

Yeah, Alexa has many Easter eggs; from your favorite memes, video games, songs, right down to that unforgettable flashback montage, Alexa has it all. Amazon filled Alexa with lots of frantic Easter eggs that you can quickly open if you know what to ask, and you send the correct command sequence; one illustration of this is Alexa’s self-destruct code.

What is the Alexa Self Destruct Code?

Alexa is loaded with a lot of Easter Eggs, which few people know about. What triggers this typically comes from asking the right questions and issuing the proper orders.

Alexa’s self-destruct code is no different; you have to say, “Alexa Code Zero, Zero, Destruct Zero, and Abandon Ship!” This order would trigger a believable 10 second Star Trek timer, with an exceptional track and a ship blast.

This is a joke on your Echo system for entertaining purposes only. It doesn’t have to self-destruct capability, so don’t think about anything potentially blowing up because nothing will happen. It’s all for fun and star trek lovers as this is the auto-destruct code used by Captain Kirk for the NCC-1701 and NCC-1701B Federation Starship – Enterprise in the series.

There is presently no abort order encoded in the Self-Destruction series. Still, the developers are working on it, and there is a promise that it will be implemented if this Easter egg gets good feedback.


We hoped we helped you find an answer on your question “What does Super Alexa mode do”. Amazon wants Alexa to be a multi-purpose app, the kind of thing you’re using absent-mindedly for almost anything. Whether you’re lining up an album, purchasing more toilet paper, or tracking the weather, the aim is to have a friendship with Alexa. Building a friendship is trying to keep things fresh, so Amazon loaded Alexa with little Easter eggs.