What is the UPC Code for Amazon and how to get it?

Before we explain you what is the UPC code for Amazon and how to obtain it, let’s check the history of the E-commerce. Who would have thought that shopping will be as advanced as it is today? Every day, a new online store is launched to help people solve their problems. Like nearly everything else on the internet, E-commerce has evolved. For example, Amazon has grown from what it was in 1994 to the world’s largest marketplace, providing a vast array of product categories for its esteemed customers. 

Think about it; you can now make serious cash off amazon by selling physical products and digital products. Shoppers today have access to multiple products that can be found easily with the search bar. The sceptical customers have access to reviews from previous customers, which helps them decide the products to go for and the ones to avoid.

That’s just one aspect in which eCommerce has evolved. You’ll be surprised to know that some of the principles originally seen in business that serve products and services to their customers face-to-face (Physically) have been seen online. Such principles are referred to as brick-and-mortar retail principles. 

The UPC, for example, was initially intended for tracking and management of inventory in the physical world. They are the barcodes you see on physical products in a supermarket or department store. Today, Amazon has adopted the UPC principle in its service. The codes identify the product on the website and the source of the product. If you sell products on amazon, UPC codes will automatically help you track your inventory.

If you’re looking to publish listings on Amazon, you’ll need UPC codes. Unfortunately, you can’t just come with your codes; you’ll need to buy the “GS1 UPC code” of a legit website and set them up correctly before you can list a product.

What is the UPC Code for Amazon?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. It is a product-identifying tool that is made up of 12digits (GTIN-12). There are variants of this 12-digit code, but this article will focus on the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

Your GTIN code should contain a 6–10-digit GS1 Company Prefix, a 1–5-digit reference number, and a check digit that is calculated.

The key benefit of having UPC codes of Amazon is FBA (FBA product barcode). I’ll explain with an example:

You know very well that a supplier could have multiple sellers. So, each of the products will have the same manufacturer’s bar code. Your inventory will be automatically tracked for you if you use FBA in fulfilling your orders on Amazon. 

What is the UPC Code for Amazon
What is the UPC Code for Amazon

This advantage comes in handy, especially when your location is more favorable to a customer than other sellers. With the codes, if a customer buys a product from another seller with the same manufacturer as you, Amazon will send products from your inventory to the customer if your location is closer and reimburse the other seller from your inventory.

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How to set up Amazon UPC Codes

It’s very easy to set up Amazon UPC codes. All you need to do is:

  • Buy the Amazon UPC codes from a reputable website (I’ll list a few below)
  • Proceed to Download your barcodes via Microsoft excel spreadsheet and JPEG images
  • Create an Amazon Product listing
  • Enter your UPC code in the “ProductID” field and verify its genuineness
  • Complete the product listing

Where you can buy cheap Amazon UPC codes

Careful! There a lot of scammers online who recycle codes and sell them cheap to you. Please don’t fall for their tricks. Using recycled codes will give the impression that you’re a fraudster, and as such, your account will most likely be shutdown. Ordinarily, you’ll have to get codes from the GS1 US websites for $250, but fortunately, there are legit places you can get Amazon UPC codes at a cheap price. They include:

  • Snap UPC: This is a trusted seller of Amazon UPC codes. On this side, sellers can buy barcodes individually for $5 apiece, or they can save money by purchasing bundles; when you calculate it, it reduces the price of each bar code to $0.10 per barcode.
  • Buyabarcode.comThis is an online store where barcodes are sold at $75 per code and $995 for 200 barcodes.
  • Barcodes Mania: Prices on this site are very reasonable. You can get a single barcode for $$4.99 and 600 barcodes for just $140


We hoped you learned now what is the UPC code for Amazon and how to obtain it. Watch out for scammers and check out several websites and compare the prices and offers, before you buy anything. Good luck!