Things to do While Listening to Audiobooks

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The broad scope of audibles and podcasts has transformed our lives through education and entertainment. Through audibooks, you can acquire more knowledge or fascinating tales, even when you are so busy. There are many things to do while listening to audiobooks.  

So whether you are on a tight schedule or relaxing, audiobooks are quite engaging and motivating. After all, who won’t appreciate a moment of relaxation these days?


With a countless number of things to do while listening to audibles, here are a few great suggestions:


With your favorite audiobook playing along, cleaning your home will become a lot easier. They can make time fly without you noticing. The motivation or inspiration they produce can brighten up the most boring job. You can choose to enjoy it through an earphone or your surround system. Whichever way you choose to listen to it, the outcome is startling. 

If you are vacuuming your space, then an earphone is the best mode of listening to the audible. But if it’s ordinary sweeping, dusting, wiping, and rearranging your space then a surround system will amaze you more. 

Dog walking 

Are you going for a walk with your furry friend? Then an audiobook will be the best company. It will take your mind off worrying about your dog’s slow walking pace or sniffing around. It’s the best alternative to reading an actual book, which is difficult considering you are looking after your dog. 


It’s inevitable for something to go wrong when you read a book while cooking. But thanks to audibles, now you can enjoy cooking while still going through your favorite book. More often, you will spend more time in the prep phase of your meal. 

But you can make this time productive with an audiobook. Have a chance to learn new ideas as you prepare food for yourself or your loved ones. Play the audible through earphones or loudspeakers while you are in the kitchen.


Audibles are perfect companions while commuting to work or back home. And this is especially when you spend over 30 minutes on this commuter. And that’s not all, it helps to take your mind off the annoying commercials and DJs on the radio. 

But since you will be in public space, it’s good not to disturb others. Use an earphone to relax your mind and enjoy the ride with your favorite novel. And in case you are driving yourself, start the audiobook before leaving the parking space. You should not use the playing device while driving. 


Rather than blasting your ears with the latest pop songs or hip-hop while jogging in the evening, pick an audible and inspire your mind as you workout. They are both motivating and mind building. And when the audiobook takes over your mind, time will pass so fast that you will fail to notice. And with this, you will exercise more and for a longer period. 

Listening audiobooks
Listening audiobooks

At work

Sometimes work in the office may overwhelm your mind. At this point, you may feel exhausted and unmotivated. At this point and time, use an audible to get your mind back on work. They are inspiring and will turn work around you from boring to exciting. Furthermore, it’s the best remedy to avoiding the office gossips when your work colleagues have nothing to do. 


Relaxation starts with the mind. And what other way is better than listening to audibles. So start by selecting your favorite and then click play. You may choose to enjoy this moment via year phones or loudspeakers. Thereafter, find a comfy spot and lie on your back to enjoy this moment as you relax. After all, they are made for entertainment and improving the state of mind for optimum productivity. 

DID YOU KNOW: Whether you are using an iPhone, Android device or a PC, you can speed up Audible narration, or slow it down if it is too fast for you. Find out how to change the Audible narration speed HERE.


Many would agree that babysitting is not a walkover task. Kids tend to be jumpy and love to play a lot. But thanks to audible, you can make this task relatively easy. All you need to do is get your phone plugged in and play your favorite book as you watch over them. Meanwhile, don’t play it loud. Maintain a low but clear volume that will allow you to sense any emergency or hear noises that need your attention. 


Long travels can be quite exhausting both in mind and body. But when you choose to listen to Audible, the time will pass fast. It’s quite entertaining and will shift your mind from focusing on the long-distance ahead. And with the wide scope of these books out there, you will find something that will keep you entertained. 

Things to do While Listening to Audiobooks
Things to do While Listening to Audiobooks

Home repairs

A home repair tends to be labor-intensive and often takes more time. There is a lot of fixing, painting, and nailing things. And as such, only work with pay will motivate you to do this. In case it’s your home, you can make this a lot easier and exciting with an audible. Choose an audiobook that encourages you to be energetic and push you to deliver your best performance. 

Treat yourself

After many weeks or months of focusing on work in the office, you must entertain yourself. Through this action, you will have more vigor and power to take on the heavy projects you may get. And during the moment of relaxation, you need something that will calm your mind and isolate it from work. And this is where an audible comes in handy. It’s both engaging and calming. 


It doesn’t matter how many tasks you have at hand, when you listen to audibles, you will get the energy and motivation to complete each one. It’s only your mind that can limit the number of projects you can accomplish. But when you are occupied while listening to an inspiring audible, you will complete all of them unknowingly. Thus, if you are still wondering what to do while listening to an audiobook, the answer is everything. 


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