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5 Best Ways to Dry a Wet phone and gadgets

When you drop your phone or any other gadget in the water, that makes you feel terrible, and you start panicking at the moment you see that you have accidentally damaged your beloved gadget with the liquid. What is the best way to dry a wet phone and other gadgets? In most situations, at ...

Google Chrome didn’t shut down correctly [FIXED]

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world and most of people like to use it while surfing the internet. But, while it's easy and mostly smooth to use Google Chrome, some of the users report that they've been receiving the error message "Chrome didn't shut down correctly". ...

[NEW] What is the lock symbol on my iPhone

There are two possible lock icons that can pop up on your iPhone. But, only one is really confusing and even irritating for the users. I remember the first time I noticed the lock icon with the circle around it. It was in the phone status bar, and I couldn't get it what the meaning of it is. I was ...

Minecraft Holy Bible: Guide to Every Achievement

Minecraft had achievements added in its 1.5 update, and while most of the achievements are easy to unlock, a few of the later ones can be tricky. This guide is like a Minecraft Holy Bible and will outline how to unlock every achievement in the guide, with helpful tips and a step by step ...

How to Use Bluetooth Car Speakers and Headset

Before we answer you how to use Bluetooth car speakers and a headset, lets see what is the Bluetooth technology at all. Bluetooth technology created a ripple when it first came out. The process of using Bluetooth was simple and exciting to use, too. Almost all computers and electronic appliances ...

[SOLVED] How to Charge a Laptop without a Charger?

How many times did you realize you forgot to take the charger with your laptop? You have an important job to finish, the deadline is short - and you can't charge your computer. Or even worse, your charger is broken and you don't have a backup. You need it today, you can't buy one at the moment, ...

How to make a Spiral Staircase in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game without clear rules set and in which the player can build anything he wants. You came here to find out how to make a spiral staircase in Minecraft, but this phenomenal game deserved a decent introduction. In Minecraft you can start in your own world where you can find ...