How to Cancel a Pre-order on iTunes? [2023 update]

iTunes gives you the possibility to pre-order a long-awaited movie, music album, and games before it is released for you to be among the top first to get it. But, what if you change your mind, how to cancel a pre-order on iTunes? Good news are - it is simple to cancel a pre-order before you are ...

Where To Find New Faces For Apple Watch in 2023?

Table of ContentsIntroductionExploring the Latest Trends in Apple Watch Face DesignHow to Source New Faces for Your Apple Watch in 2023The Benefits of Customizing Your Apple Watch FaceWhat to Look for When Choosing a New Apple Watch FaceCreative Ways to Find Unique Apple Watch Faces for ...

33 cool things to do with Alexa in 2023

If you are a fan of devices with Alexa voice assistant integration, you are probably aware that you can do thousands of different things with your new "best friend". You can have fun, learn many new things, play games, relax or just listen to some good audiobook or a favorite song. There are ...

26 Best Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon right now!

Black Friday is gone, but Cyber Monday just around the corner! These two days are the most awaited days every year for all shopping enthusiasts and especially electronics and gadgets lovers. Amazon already had millions of deals available during its 48-hour Black Friday, but it's not over yet. They ...

How To Restart Apple Watch and How To Turn It Off

If you are not very familiar with Apple products, or you had one long time ago, it's quite understandable that you might be confused at some point while you're using an Apple Watch. One of the most usual questions users are asking is "How to restart Apple Watch?" or even "How to turn off Apple ...

How to change business name on PayPal

Once you signed for a business account, PayPal will display the business name you entered when you signed for it. And many people ask how to change business name on PayPal. In case you didn't enter the business name, this option is usually set to your given name. If your name is Mark Smith, your ...

Kindle stuck in USB drive mode – how to fix it

Kindle can be stubborn sometimes. When it gets there, some choose to leave it to fate. Well, sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't. It's the same with this problem that many people experience - "Kindle stuck in USB drive mode". Well, there are several options for solving this problem. ...